Chapter 5 available! And reupload of Chapter 4

Chapter 5 of Version Fille is now available !

This is a big chapter that you can complete in 3.5 hours. You will be playing the antagonists of Version Fille, invading the city of Moidoute and do some cleaning of peaceful tribes in the mountains.


There was a game breaking bug in the fight against Partotom, the Pirate Captain. But if you try to heal while being in the state Zombie (State icon is a big X), it will crash the game. The fight is optional, so if you don't want to redownload the chapter 4, you can just give up on this fight. You'll just be missing an item that use your money to do damage. After losing the fight, you can still play the game like normal.

So I reuploaded the chapter 4 and removed the Zombie skill. I replaced it by something a lot more simpler.


Here some screenshots of the Chapter 5


The chapter 5 is the biggest chapter of Version Fille. It is divided in 4 parts where you play the bad guys of Version Fille. Get to know more about them and invade a big city by using psychological warfare like using red smoke, explosion sounds or torture threats to scare the civilians away. Fight the main cast, defeat those who protects the weak and face a legendary hero to achieve your goal. Or at least try to...

As for what was changed between the first french version and the new english version:
- I changed a bit of dialogs that didn't make much sense in the french version. Story is still the same, I just fixed the inconsistencies.
- Because of a change on a character in chapter 3, there is also a small change with this character in chapter 5.
- I removed a puzzle that involved cannon balls. This puzzle was boring and very long. It didn't add anything to the game.
- Teros has been added to tell stories and expand the universe of Version Fille again!

Please enjoy the game! Share and comment if you like it!


Version Fille - Chapter 5 99 MB
May 16, 2020

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